WASEDA University
Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies
Master’s Program
In order to meet the various needs of the students, GITS offers the following three courses in a master’s program.
Project Research Course Two-year course focusing on specialized research activities.
The objectives for students are, under the participatory project research guidance, to release the outcome of project research at academic conferences or journals, and write a master’s thesis. The curriculum prepares students to become professionals who can make contributions to society or to study at doctoral level.
Interdisciplinary Research Course Two-year course with the aim of providing a wide variety of interdisciplinary knowledge.
The objective for students is to write research reports on specified themes in cross-areas. The curriculum prepares students to become leaders in various areas of information and telecommunication society.
Career Development Course One-year course for those with more than three-year business experience and a certain level of knowledge and skills in the area.
The objectives for students are to broaden their expertise by studying a wide variety of subjects, and acquire further knowledge and skills through their theme research. The curriculum helps students develop their career in their area of specialization.
The degree of "Master of Science in Global Information and Telecommunication Studies" is conferred upon students who have completed the master's program.
Doctorate Program
GITS doctorate program provides opportunities to students who obtained master degree with their advanced expertise, to acquire essential knowledge and skills to become a world leading researcher by conducting and experiencing practical and cutting-edge researches with their supervisors.
In order to complete the doctorate program, a doctoral student must be enrolled in the program for more than three years with necessary research supervision and pass the final examination of the dissertation.
The degree of "Doctor of Science in Global Information and Telecommunication Studies" upon those who have fulfilled all the requirements of the doctorate program.
Curriculum of GITS is shown in this figure
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