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Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies
Education Philosophy [To promote the practical utilization of knowledge, the University shall endeavor to foster ways and means of utilizing knowledge whilst simultaneously conducting academic research and fostering learning, thereby contributing to the progress of civilization]--- This is one sentence of "Waseda University Mission" (spirit of Waseda University).
To realize this philosophy, GITS has promoted advanced researches in the field of information and telecommunications, and invited professors who have extensive experience in international standardization to educate and train young researchers for negotiation and communication skills with the ability to develop and lead international society. Furthermore, GITS has established the world's best standards of film production studio in 2006, and started the research on making digital cinema using advanced imaging technologies with the invitation of the famous film directors. Here, there already are many films and TV programs are created by collaboration with industries, and advanced contents production and the representation techniques have been being invented and developed now.
By this practice and expertise, GITS with the focus on information and telecommunication technologies leads the next generation of academic researches as well as social use of research innovation.
The rapid development of information and telecommunication technologies has accelerated globalization in the fields of politics, economics, culture and social activities. Experiments to create an affluent info-communications society require further research in wide range of fields, such as advancement of information and telecommunication technologies, creation of its applications, and formulation of solutions for economic and social aspects of info-communications.
Against this backdrop, Waseda University established the Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies (GITS) in April 2000, aiming to train specialists who are capable of takingup challenges in the area and contributing to the creation of new systems and knowledge.
GITS provides students with excellent academic environment which enables specialized and practical research and education by utilizing information and telecommunication networks in cooperation with research and educational institutions around the world. The areas of study which can be pursued at GITS are Computer Systems and Network Engineering Area, Multimedia Science and Arts Area, andInfo-Telecom Socio-Economics, and Network Business and Policy Area.
The master’s program curriculum allows students to obtain advanced knowledge and to enhance research skills through combined studies of the three areas indicated above.
In the doctorate program, students are trained to gain highly specialized knowledge and creative research skills based on their expertise acquired through their master's study.
Admission Policy Pursuing "Independence of Learning" - the mission of Waseda University, the school accepts a number of students who have high levels of academic ability, an abundance of intellectual curiosity, enterprising spirit upheld as one of the school's mottos, and eagerness to learn, not only from Japan but also from all around the world.
GITS particularly accepts students, regardless of nationality, who are interested in social system, expression method and info-telecommunication technology which connect people, and wish to contribute to promotion of communication across boundaries of regions, languages and cultures.
Curriculum Policy GITS offers a wide range of specialized lecture courses. The master's program consists of three courses - Project Research Course, Interdisciplinary Research Course and Career Development Course - to cover from a wide and interdisciplinary learning to highly specialized learning. In the doctorate program, the world's most advanced research is pursued based on more specialized knowledge. GITS offers classes both in English and Japanese, and in the evening hours besides daytime, for the sake of international students and working students.
Diploma Conferment Policy GITS fosters interchange of diverse knowledge, cultures, languages and values, and develops human resources who are capable of actively contributing to global community by making use of the systematic curriculum, and the educational and living environment of Waseda University, which is comprehensive as well as original.
GITS confers diploma to its students who can maximize info-telecommunication technology and promote innovation and application of knowledge in Global Information and Telecommunication Studies as a science of content creation and communication across boundaries of regions, languages and cultures.
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