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Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies
GITS is a graduate school that combines knowledge from various fields such as engineering technology/culture art/social science, and conducts research and education in a new perspective without being constrained to traditional education framework. The researches in GITS focus mainly on advanced information and telecommunication system, multimedia contents and the new research areas that arise from the advancements of these fields.
GITS consists of professors with high expertise and outstanding careers who will give lectures and guide/supervise students on wide variety of subjects from science and engineering to cultural art. By taking these classes, students can gain a wide range of knowledge from the basics to applied information communication technology, to softer cultural art perspectives, , to learning about current situation and problems of information society and acquire skills to identify problems and find solutions from various angles.
After graduating from GITS, students find work in variety of areas with main fields being information and telecommunication industries, information service/consulting, electronics industries, mass media/journalism, universities/research institutions, government agencies.
Professional & Interdiciplinaly
GITS professional and Interdisciplinary Education programs has three following educational features. Through our cross-curricular education, students can acquire wide range of knowledge on information and telecommunication.
Computer Systems and Network Engineering Area In this area, students acquire the advanced knowledge of broadband network, ubiquities network, mobile communication system, wireless/satellite communication system, digital broadcasting system, network computing s important element technologies to constitute information and telecommunication system.
Multimedia Science and Arts Area In this area, students learn from both sides of technology and art of digital cinema production, filming production technology, digital archive, image processing / recognition technology, sound/language processing, multimedia information processing contents distribution system and etc.
Info-Telecom Socio-Economics, Network Business and Policy Area In this area, students learn information and telecommunication industry, information and telecommunication policy and international standardization.
GITS is an international graduate school offering global education and research to students from around the world.
Students can study all courses in English if they wish. In GITS, from the moment you start until you graduate, the entire procedures including administration procedures, lectures and thesis supervision are provided both in English and Japanese. Office staffs can also support you in English.
More than half of the students are international students Out of approx. 300 students in GITS, more than half of them are international students. Students not only come from East Asia such as China / Korea / Taiwan, but also from ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Vietnam as well as from Central Asia, Middle East and Africa. Those young students from more than 30 countries have come to GITS with the same goal to learn and study cutting-edge information communication technologies.

Other Features
Other features are as follows:

Can customize course according to student’s study objective.
Students have various objectives for going to graduate school. Hence, GITS provides three different courses: ‘Project Research Course', ‘Interdisciplinary Research Course' and ‘Career Development Course' in master's program, and students can select according to their objectives.

Early graduation for outstanding research achievement
In the graduate program (Master's program + Doctorate program), the minimum required enrollment period for students who achieved outstanding research result is three years (according to the 17th Article of the graduate school guideline). Therefore, student can obtain the doctor degree shortest in three years after they enrolled in master's program.

Scholarship support
GITS offers the Canon Electronic Scholarship available only for GITS students, and also collects and provides scholarship information from both inside and outside Waseda University. Moreover, GITS has many scholarship special quotas for international students such as MEXT scholarship from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to support outstanding students who need financial support.

Working student support
GITS also provides lectures during nighttime and Saturdays as well as distant learning systems. Students can use these benefits to pursue their researches while working at companies at the same time.
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